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A safe, highly accurate, and immediate scan for cancer imaging


About Us

A new imaging modality that enables doctors to detect and analyze cancer

anytime, anywhere

HT BioImaging is a revolutionary patented medical imaging platform technology. Our mission is to detect and classify cancer early on the spot. Our exceptional team includes AI, signal analysis and computer vision experts, heat transfer & thermodynamics top researchers, oncologists, radiologists, and one successful serial entrepreneur.

We have developed the HDI (Heat Diffusion Imaging) scan – a disruptive system to measure heat diffusion in biological tissues. This new medical imaging technology translates the heat diffusion signal into an image to enable early detection of cancer in a non-invasive and real-time procedure at the point of care and in operating rooms.

Our Value

Early detection

Real-time results


High accuracy

Automatic Imaging

Eliminates expensive analysis


Our Vision

To save lives. 

One of the main worldwide health challenges is cancer, with the number of cases constantly rising, and 45% of patients do not survive, most of them due to late detection and misdiagnosis. Doctors do not have all the necessary tools and data they need to see cancer at the critical point of care and in the operating room, where it can make a difference between life and death. If cancer is detected at an early stage, while the treatment is immediate and localized; the survival rate is significantly improved. Early detection is key to saving lives.

Our vision can be realized only if the medical imaging systems are safe, available at the primary care and OR, and cost-effective.

Meet The Team


Shani Toledano

Co-Founder & CEO

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B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering specialized in heat transfer and thermodynamics, M.Sc in Artificial Intelligence. Shani has over 11 years of experience in the tech, defense & aviation industry as a developer, system engineer, and R&D team leader.  

Gideon Barak

Co-Founder & Chairman

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A serial entrepreneur with a 10-exits record. His record includes the role of Co-founder & CEO of DSP Communications (NASDAQ: DSPC), acquired by Intel for $1.6 billion, Founder & Chairman of both Butterfly VLSI and Envara, were acquired by Intel and Texas Instruments, respectively

Amir Yehudayoff, Assoc. Prof.

Sharon Gat, PhD

Thermodynamics Researcher

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Gabriel Polliack, MD MHA

Chief Medical Officer

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Moshe Tshuva, PhD

 Heat Transfer Researcher

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Gilian Dank

Chief Veterinary Officer

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Deep Learning & Algorithms Researcher

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Assaf Gur

VP Clinical & Regulatory Affairs

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Ela Simner

 Product Designer

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Zipora Gorban

Executive Admin & HR

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Nadav Zilberman

System Engineer

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Senior Full-Stack Software Developer

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Hen Toledano


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Gal Aviram

Senior Algorithm Developer

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Elnatan Davidovitch

Senior Algorithm Developer

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Ronen Yizhaki

Four Legs Employees





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