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Heat Diffusion Imaging

The new functional imaging modality developed by HT BioImaging is based on heat diffusion. After a focused heatwave is sent to the tissue, the unique algorithm views biological tissue as a filter and measures its heat diffusion response by signal analysis, computer vision, and AI, giving each 0.1mm spot a probability of being cancerous or not. It thus can be used to distinguish between cancer and other pathologies such as pre-cancer, benign growths, or necrosis at very early stages.



HDI scanner is an In-human oncology tool to detect cancer at the point of care and operating rooms. Our first medical indication is a 510k De-Novo Oral cancer application. Future medical indications are Cervical, Skin, prostate, colon, and an intraoperative tool for navigation and margin detection and mapping at the OR. HTOScan has been tested on 150 patients in a clinical trial (USA & Israel) showing above 90% accuracy in detecting cancer.   




HTVet is the first non-invasive Imaging tool for immediate mass classification and diagnosis at the point of care. its goal is to detect and classify a mass as benign or malignant in pets in its early stages by getting “on the spot” results in the vet clinic with a negative predictive value accuracy of over 90%

HTVet is keeping the lesion classification and analysis phase in-clinic, under the control of the vet, without the need to rely on outsource lab diagnostics. This creates a new revenue stream for the vet clinic while the test cost is less than 25% of the current lab cost and thus, rising the number of the tests taken to save lives.

Clinical Trials

HT's Products have been tested on 150  human patients and above 600 pets (dogs & cats) in a clinical trial (USA & Israel) showing above 90% accuracy in detecting cancer.

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